Fine art photographers Leslie Dizon and Tin Jacinto are kindred spirits melded in the cast of each place captured, each moment anchored by the shared eye of mind and shutter. “Leslie and I share the same passion for travel and photography. We are both teachers to each other and students of Nature,” Jacinto shares.

Despite divergent approaches in style they were able to collaborate on one exhibit entitled Twin Flames (their first exhibit together).

Both artists are enamored to an insatiable wanderlust; an urge to unearth outstretched terrains of world and self. As travelers, Dizon and Jacinto commit to transcending what the senses can engage, coaxing the Spirit of a place into the realm of experience. Dizon writes,

“I feel everything in nature, savor it, I swim and take it all in when I shoot landscape[s]. I always thank Gaia after we have been to a place.”